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“One day...

as I had my stereo cranked up high, my nose glued to the song lyrics and my fingerprints trailing all over the sleeves, a sweet thought came to my mind.

*Wouldn’t it be great to do this all day?

I glanced over to my bookshelf stuffed with regular sized jewel cases to gynormous irregular shaped cases. As I savored every beat & riff and mesmerized over every word & drawing, a light bulb lit.

*Wouldn’t it be fun to make my own covers?

I started to put together my own mixed discs and make my own labels for each. I made sure the song list was in order and every title spelled correctly. As I smiled over my own creation, I had an epiphany.

*Wouldn’t it be great to do this for a living?

It was that simple! I would design cd covers & artists would send me a copy of my newest creation. I would get free music and artists would get custom designs. A great exchange it was. I was set...”

*Was this a fleeting thought or an aspiration?   >>>

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